October 23, 2022

Andreas Betsche

New trailer for Rendezvous shows the cyberpunk version of the Indonesian city of Surabaya

October 23, 2022 | Andreas Betsche

The latest trailer for the cyberpunk adventure Rendezvous takes us through the neon-lit streets of Neo-Surabaya, the game’s second major setting.

In search of his sister, the cyber technician Setyo is taken back to the Indonesian city of Surabaya in 2064. The style of Rendezvous is presented impressively in the trailer, which skillfully transforms the popular cyberpunk setting into a futuristic 2.5D version of Indonesia. The city has been transferred to the game with reference to the real world, including locations such as Wonokromo Station.

Rendezvous focuses primarily on the story, dialogues, and puzzles, several of which are teased in the trailer. Occasionally there will be action interludes where we have to fight enemies in real-time combat. However, these should remain an exception to the otherwise story-driven gameplay. 

The trailer definitely makes you want to explore Neo-Surabaya and put a stop to nasty cyberrunner gangs. There is no release date for Rendezvous yet, but given the development time and the material shown, we believe it can’t be too long.

Until then, you can wishlist Rendezvous on Steam and try out the game’s prologue there.

Andreas Betsche

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