September 20, 2021

Andreas Betsche

New Photo-Exploration Game Petit Island Announced

September 20, 2021 | Andreas Betsche

A new adventure called Petit Island comes from Xelo Games, makers of the acclaimed Escape from Naraka. Again, we explore a beautiful surrounding inspired by the studio’s home island Bali, but it will be a much more relaxing experience this time.

Petit Island is all about photographing pictures of animals Source: Xelo Games

In Petit Island, we will jump into the role of a cute animal backpacker set with the task to shoot and collect images of Bali’s local fauna. Irfan Sarwono, Game Director and Producer of Xelo Games, explained that – in addition to taking photos – players will be able to visit villages, interact with the local population, and even discover hidden treasures. And of course, no Bali trip would be complete without climbing a volcano!

According to Xelo Games’ Lisun Chang , Petit Island is heavily inspired by the indie game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, which featured a similar photo mechanic and has a story revolving around preserving an island’s fauna and flora. Although environmental issues will be present in Petit Island as well, they will just play a minor role, as Xelo Games wants to focus their game on traveling and collecting childhood memories instead.

Early artwork of an island Source: Xelo Games

Although the game is announced to be released for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022 already, Petit Island is still in a very early stage of development. However, it is already possible to get an idea of the game’s colourful art style and the wide variety of characters by looking at the artworks that have been published.

On their journey, players will meet other backpackers. Source: Xelo Games

You can follow the development of Petit Island on the game’s Twitter page or chat with the developers on their Discord server.

[Update 09/21/2021: Adjustments to better reflect the game’s take on environmental issues.]

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