November 6, 2021


Metronomik’s Next Game will be Ondeh Ondeh

November 6, 2021 | Andreas

Malaysian development studio Metronomik (No Straight Roads) has announced its next game. In a live stream at the MYDCF Festival, Creative Director Daim Dziauddin and Game Director Wan Hazmer revealed that their upcoming title will be called Ondeh Ondeh.

Although named after the famous Malaysian dessert, Ondeh Ondeh doesn’t seem to be a cooking game but rather will be an audio-based game, and therefore follow the footsteps of the studio’s debut work. The developers still haven’t revealed much but said that they want to continue to represent Malaysian culture in games. However, the game is supposed to be very different from No Straight Roads, Hazmer literally says that it will be “much weirder”. We can only speculate about what that means, especially considering the fact that No Straight Roads was already not a very conventional game.

Source: Metronomik

A first teaser trailer gives a first impression of the beautifully drawn visual style of Ondeh Ondeh. There is also a tiny snippet of gameplay that suggests 3rd-person adventure gameplay from an isometric perspective.

Ondeh Ondeh is said to come out for a “next-generation platform”, so we might assume that means the PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series consoles. It is therefore still unclear whether the game will also be released on the PC as well. A release date has not yet been set either; let’s hope that Metronomik will reveal more information about Ondeh Ondeh in the near future.


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