February 11, 2023


Indonesian Action Roguelite Reawakens a Legend in Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur Demo

February 11, 2023 | Kenzie

The Yogyakarta-based Gambir Studio, known for their work in the mobile gaming scene, is releasing their roguelite action game, Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur. Its demo is now available on Steam.

Camelot was lost to a catastrophic attack by the Void Giant when the wizard Merlin tried to magically seal away the impending evil. You play the knight tasked with bringing the kingdom back from its banishment into the Astral Dimension. This “fetch quest” of epic proportions is marked with fantastic battles and engaging character-building mechanics.

Key gameplay features include

  • A variety of monsters and bosses to defeat on your adventure
  • Over a hundred active and passive skills to learn and equip on your giant-slayer
  • Recruitment mechanics that will help build Camelot and your assault on the Giants
  • Illustrated randomly-generated maps for a fresh, fun experience on every playthrough
  • Engaging storytelling and voice-acting talents throughout the game

This medieval fantasy roguelite has all the characteristics of a charming, challenging game. Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur looks to whet the appetites of this indie darling genre.

You can learn more about Gambir Studio from their website and about the game on its Steam page.


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