September 24, 2022

Nissie Arcega

GDAP’s BizCon is the launchpad for Filipino game devs to go global

September 24, 2022 | Nissie Arcega

Game development proves to be one of the most resilient industries in the pandemic, with the video game industry seeing a 23% bump in revenue in 2020 as the world turned to more home entertainment. As Southeast Asia remains to be the fastest-growing games market in the world, the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) pushes to equip Filipino game devs for a smooth launch into the global ecosystem.

On September 28-30, GDAP will be hosting the first-ever GDAP BizCon 2022, a virtual conference and business matchmaking event, with hopes to mature the local community through exposure to more business development opportunities.

One giant leap for the industry

The association has organized several past events, primarily focused on the local community of game developers. Projects like BizCon were always in the cards for GDAP, and the prevalence of online events has given them a unique opportunity to take big steps towards connecting Filipino game studios with international players.

“We’re doing this as part of GDAP’s vision of establishing a sustainable and progressive Philippine game industry by enhancing the business acumen and competencies of our local industry players,” says Walter Manalo, co-lead organizer of BizCon.

He believes there are a lot of business opportunities for Filipino game studios in the international game ecosystem, and Manalo is a testament to this. Just recently, his studio Ranida Games became a proud participant of the Google Play Indie Games Accelerator Class of 2022 — being one of only five Southeast Asian studios in the program. As the Philippine industry expands and improves, BizCon hopes to be the site of more business development and investment opportunities like this, especially with international companies in attendance.

Business in the front

BizCon will be hosting several learning sessions during the convention, featuring local and foreign industry experts. The event aims to provide participants with clearer insight into the state of the Philippines game industry, and offers business master classes from global game industry leaders such as Valve, Google Play, Niko Partners, and Razer Gold. 

Topics range from game publishing and e-sports to Southeast Asia game industry insights, so attendees of all interests will be able to pick up a thing or two from the conference. Though it is primarily for professional studios and companies, GDAP encourages anyone who wants to know more about the business side of the game industry, even offering free tickets to students.

Aside from this, the event hopes to build an international collaboration network through its business matchmaking program. Here, game developers and service providers may exchange company information, generate leads, and close partnership deals with major investors and game publishers. “We’re hoping that this inaugural event will open new pathways for the attendees to learn, connect, and generate business,” expresses Manalo.

One of GDAP’s visions is to establish a sustainable industry by uplifting and promoting the vibrant local game development community. This rings true even at BizCon, with its special online exposition area featuring game projects and services from the top studios and companies in the Philippines. The exposition is open to all attendees and hopes to showcase Filipino game dev excellence.


Registration is ongoing and all interested participants are invited to join. Visit the GDAP BizCon event page now for more info.

About GDAP
The Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is a trade association in the Philippines, established in 2007 to represent and promote the country’s game development industry. Its members create and publish interactive games and entertainment content for various platforms. The association currently has more than 50 members composed of game development companies, service providers, and academe.

Transparency: Virtual SEA is GDAP Bizcon’s official media partner.

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