May 30, 2024


Gamedev Girlies celebrates Filipina women who make games

May 30, 2024 | Kenzie

Last May 26, women in the Philippines’ game dev community organized a one-day exhibition event called Gamedev Girlies. Several games were on display, from released projects to upcoming titles. Here are the titles that Virtual SEA got to try!

Pluck and Brew is a puzzle and game management sim that lets you live a life of selling your witchy wares and building a loyal customer base that you’ll get a chance to know better, too!

The magical puzzles flex your brain while you brew.

Lucky You? Bancit Kantunan is a cheeky dating sim that lets you live the unique life of a university student flirting with some sweet and spicy (so to speak) love interests.

Think Hatoful Boyfriend, but with some saucy instant noodle packs.

Miranda’s Retail Rebellion is another game jam game that lets you tap into your inner mall brat. Mess up shelves, take down displays, and irritate your brown-noser coworker in order to stick it to the man.

Working retail is a pain, and you can express that through this cheeky game.

Iskrambol Days is just what the doctor ordered for the great Southeast Asian heatwave of 2023. “Iskrambol” is a popular Filipino snack, and the game shows you just how to make the cutest, most colorful servings.

This game might inspire you to make your own icy masterpieces at home.

Window Garden is a the coziest of cozy games. Craft your own indoor garden in delightful and sparkly pixel-perfect plants in this pleasant mobile experience.

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can pick up this game instead.

Talents tangles together the dream of making indie games and the delightful drama surrounding working with eligible bachelors on those projects, all in one dating sim.

Navigate workplace relationships in this fun dating sim.

Bardic: Quest for Love is a love letter to Dungeons and Dragons in the form of a tavern management sim-slash-visual novel dating sim.

Explore a detailed world with an impressively large cast of characters.

Air Garden allows you to transform a marshy wasteland into a zen garden experience by populating it with plants and encouraging fresh, clean air to thrive.

An aesthetic form of environmentalism

Want to know more about the Philippine gamedev industry? Watch out for our coverage of PGDX 2024 in Manila, Philippines, coming this July!


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