October 2, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Devilated’s Half-Life 1 Mod Unleashes Hilarious Bloodbath in Black Mesa

October 2, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

In a surprising turn of events bound to tickle the funny bone of gamers and classic FPS enthusiasts, the Vietnamese boomer shooter RPG sensation Devilated has just received a mod that’s turning heads and spraying blood. Say hello to the “Half-Life Blood Mesa” mod, where Gordon Freeman goes rogue in a hilariously gory showdown!

Devilated’s “Great Earl of Hell” Update: More Gore, More Fun

The madcap minds at Neon Doctrine and Trunka, the Vietnamese indie developer behind Devilated, have just released the “Great Earl of Hell” update. Forget about subtlety; this update cranks the ultraviolence dial to 11, introducing new combat maneuvers, outrageous actions, and a trunk full of blood-drenched weapons.

Devilated’s Modding Playground Expands: Enter the “Half-Life Blood Mesa”

If you thought Devilated couldn’t get any crazier, think again! The game has expanded its modding support, giving creative gamers access to the Steam Workshop. And what better way to kick off this modding extravaganza than with the “Half-Life Blood Mesa”?

Gordon Freeman’s Day Job: Mayhem in Devilated

Gordon Freeman, the iconic scientist-savior of the Half-Life series, has taken a detour from his usual alien-wrangling duties. In this noisy mod, he’s not just breaking crates and saving the world; he’s smashing heads, spilling guts, and creating a bloodbath of epic proportions in Devilated’s distinct cell-shaded style.

The G-Man Would Approve: “A Battle You Have No Chance of Winning”

We’re not entirely sure if this is what the mysterious G-Man had in mind when he said, “I can offer you a battle you have no chance of winning,” but it’s certainly a battle you won’t forget! Watch the chaos unfold in this gory video showcasing Gordon Freeman’s new gig as a one-person gore machine:

If you’re eager to dive into this devilish world and storm Black Mesa guns blazing yourself, Devilated is available on Steam in Early Access. The developer describes it as the lovechild of a boomer shooter and a classic RPG after a wild night of uncut hyperviolence. Nuff said.

Andreas Betsche

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