August 8, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Asia-Pacific Games Market Insights from Newzoo’s Global Report

August 8, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

A Global Report Offering Insights into the Asia-Pacific Games Market

The latest Newzoo Global Games Market Report for August 2023 offers valuable insights into the global gaming market. This article sheds light on the report’s most significant facts and trends in the gaming industry, mainly focusing on the Asia-Pacific games market, including China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Source: Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2023

Key Highlights:

In 2023, the global number of players is projected to reach an impressive 3.38 billion, demonstrating a year-on-year growth of +6.3%. This growth is attributed mainly to the mobile gaming sector, which continues to drive significant expansion. As gaming becomes increasingly mainstream and the player demographic ages, this upward trend in player numbers is set to continue.

Asia-Pacific Dominance

Asia-Pacific stands as the powerhouse of the global gaming landscape, accounting for more than half of all players worldwide. The region’s prominence is owed to its sizable markets in India and China, along with highly engaged gaming communities in countries such as Japan and South Korea. Meanwhile, North America and Europe collectively represent 20% of global players. On the other hand, the Middle East & Africa (+12.3% year-on-year player growth) and Latin America (+6.1%) are expected to witness the most substantial player growth in 2023, primarily due to their less mature markets.

Newzoo Asia-Pacific Games Market Report 2023

Asia-Pacific Games Market Revenue Landscape

Regarding revenue, Asia-Pacific remains the most influential games market in 2023, contributing to 46% of global revenues. However, the year-on-year revenue growth in the region lags behind the rest of the world, with a modest +1.2% growth rate in 2023. This unexpected slowdown is partly attributed to the Chinese market, which only experienced +0.7% year-on-year revenue growth. Concerns regarding the future of gaming in China arise from the transformative impact of lockdowns and restrictions on minors’ gaming activities.

Future Outlook and Stability

Despite the turbulence caused by the pandemic and shifts in gaming platforms, the report indicates that the industry is on the path to stabilisation. Projections suggest that the global games market will generate annual revenue of $212.4 billion by 2026, with all segments experiencing varying degrees of growth.

Newzoo Global Games Market Forecats

Conclusion on the Asia-Pacific Games Market

In summary, things look suitable for the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian games markets, still catering to the largest population of gamers worldwide. Global growth in gaming can only be a sign to invest further and expand gaming markets in Southeast Asia, but restrictions in China have shown that too much interference might disturb the markets. A luxury the Southeast Asian gaming nations might not as quickly compensate as market leader China.

Accessing the Report

For more comprehensive insights, you can access the free version of the 2023 Global Games Market Report by downloading it here. Additionally, the complete Report and access to the interactive platform can be obtained by contacting Newzoo directly.

About Newzoo:

Newzoo stands as a global provider of games market data, offering information and analyses towards understanding the dynamic gaming industry.

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