A man holding a camera towards the screen. The logo of Persona Theory games can be seen in the camera's lense.

Allegations of Toxic Workplace Behavior and Sexual Harassment at Persona Theory Games

Content Warning: This article and the collected evidence within contain detailed accounts and discussions of sexual harassment, suicide and abuse. Malaysian indie game studio Persona Theory Games, led by Saqina Latif, has been rocked by a flurry of allegations concerning toxic workplace behavior and sexual harassment in December 2023 and January 2024. Renowned as an […]

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Get Your Spooky Second Chance at Life in Kabaret

My education of local and regional paranormal stories calls back to the salad days of collecting copies of True Philippines Ghost Stories and waiting for the annual Halloween special of Magandang Gabiā€¦ Bayan. I also remember bravely browsing SFOGs on a dial-up connection, marathoning the same Thai horror movie rotation with my cousins, and starting […]

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Fires At Midnight: Burning Desire For Gripping And Innovative Storytelling

Imagine living in a world where people who have sex without loving each other go up in flames. What will happen to our relationships? The narrative adventure Fires At Midnight gets to the bottom of this question and sends us through a thrilling fever dream in the life of a young couple against the backdrop of the turn of the millennium in Malaysia.

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