October 14, 2023

Andreas Betsche

SEA GO: A New Online Showcase Uniting Southeast Asian Game Developers

October 14, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

A new online showcase for Southeast Asian games, SEA GO, is in the works. An idea inspired by successful shows such as Indonesia’s Hari Game Nasional 2023 and Malaysia Direct 2023. The event aims to bring game developers from all over Southeast Asia together and encourage industry expansion, hence the full name South East Asia Game Onward.

SEA GO: A Show to Unite Southeast Asian Game Developers

SEA Games Chronist Zahid, who is the organizer of SEA GO, believes that the rapid growth of the gaming scene and ecosystem in Southeast Asia makes it the perfect time to foster collaboration among game developers from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, and Thailand. The event will serve as a platform for these innovators to showcase their games.

SEA GO event logo with national flags.

More Info Coming Soon

SEA GO is set to take place online in December 2023 and could be a pivotal moment in the Southeast Asian gaming landscape. More information about the exact timing of the event, the broadcast location, and the general modus operandi will be revealed in the future.

As an appetizer, you can re-watch our “Made in Southeast Asia 2023” showcase with Arief Johan and gamescom asia:

Andreas Betsche

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