January 10, 2024

Andreas Betsche

Rune Seeker: A New Take on Mobile Card Games?

January 10, 2024 | Andreas Betsche

Monster Box Inc., a game studio from Vietnam, has announced its upcoming release, Rune Seeker, which is set to hit the App Store and Google Play soon. This game claims to shake up the 2D turn-based strategy genre by focusing on terrain dynamics and randomly generated content.

In a sea of card games, Rune Seeker says it’s different because it emphasises terrain and random setups for each game. It will feature building bases, evolving units, and having many different cards to play with, hoping to stand out from other strategy card games.

Lava, Ice, Forest, and Rock: Rune Seeker is all about the right terrain for battle

The fights in Rune Seeker rely on rune cards that affect how the terrain and units perform during battles. Players must be smart about moving their three units around against other players or computer-controlled enemies. Monster Box says the terrain can significantly affect units, while runes can be used for direct attacks.

Rune Seeker will let you explore dungeons.

Right now, Rune Seeker has about 80 runes and 20 units, with plans to add more stuff later to keep things fresh. The developers are talking big numbers, saying there will be over 10,000 ways to use runes and many different units to play around with.

From city-building to trading: Rune Seeker’s side activities

It will be possible to strengthen these units by earning rewards, completing missions, and getting in-game resources. The base-building feature takes place in a hub city, where players can build resource-harvesting buildings and hatch eggs to receive new units.

Players can build houses and recruit new units in the central hub city.

Rune Seeker is expected to feature a marketplace where players can trade runes and units, suggesting the existence of an in-game economy. As is typical in free-to-play games, players can either spend real money or use in-game currency, known as Tokens. It is still unclear whether these micro-transactions will positively or negatively impact the overall gaming experience.

Rune Seeker’s marketplace, where players can buy resources and new units.

Rune Seeker is coming in 2024 and starts with an open beta

Rune Seeker hasn’t yet received a solid release date, but the open beta will start in January 2024, on the official website. The game will be out on mobile first, with Steam, PlayStation and Xbox versions to follow later this year.

Rune Seeker is trying something different in mobile strategy games and already looks pretty on screenshots and videos. Still, we’ll have to wait to see whether it’ll shake things up with its terrain-focused gameplay or just be another game in the mix.

Andreas Betsche

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