June 8, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Overhours: A Fresh Fusion of Isometric Shooters and Tower Defense Mechanics From Malaysia

June 8, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

A Unique Blend of Genres: Isometric Shooters and Tower Defense Mechanics

Overhours is a new single-player action tower defense game developed by CtrlD Studio, a Malaysian game development studio, and will be available on Steam. The game combines elements of isometric shooters with tower defense mechanics, offering players a fresh experience in the genre.

In the game, players must defend against waves of office enemies by constructing traps, engaging in strategic shooting, and utilizing various weapons. The game has a desaturated 2D art style that creates a visually appealing atmosphere, similar to the acclaimed Hades series.

A Captivating Story: Mai’s Quest to Reclaim Stolen Time

Overhours tells the story of Mai, a talented employee at Shift Media, a media agency in a dystopian world that steals time. Mai is stuck in a repetitive time loop where the days drag on endlessly. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she is offered a drink by two sly baristas in the company cafeteria. After drinking the beverage, Mai finds herself building traps out of office furniture to protect her new friends from enemies while embarking on a mission to reclaim the stolen time. With the help of a ghostly partner, Mai navigates through different rooms to recover time essence and strives to achieve a 3-star rating in each room.

Strategic Gameplay: Construct Traps, Engage in Shooting, and Utilize Time-Themed Powers

Players will strategically place traps and towers to aid in the combat against the incoming horde of enemies. Mai’s ghostly soul will also possess time-themed powers that provide an advantage in battles. As players progress, they can visit the baristas to upgrade their weapon, the time blaster, and enhance the soul’s powers, further empowering Mai in her quest. The game also introduces new handy gadgets that make the rounds easier and faster. Players can refill their ammunition at hydrants strategically placed throughout the game or stay near them to engage in uninterrupted shooting.

Uncover Secrets and Meet New Friends: A Fresh Narrative Experience

Throughout the game, players will meet new friends, uncover their stories, and discover the secrets surrounding Mai’s mysterious employers. Overhours promises a fresh narrative that combines action, strategy, and exploration in a unique tower defense setting. CtrlD Studio, known for its culturally-infused AR mobile game Ano: Journeys Through Tattoos, once again showcases its creativity and talent.

Wishlist Overhours on Steam

Although the release date on Steam has not been announced, players can watch the Pre Alpha Trailer available on YouTube to get a glimpse of the gameplay. To stay updated and show their interest, players can wishlist Overhours on Steam.

Andreas Betsche

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