February 20, 2023

Andreas Betsche

Indonesia’s Largest Game Development Company Sets Sights on Developing Internationally Recognized AA & AAA Games

February 20, 2023 | Andreas Betsche

Indonesia’s largest game development company, Agate, has announced their plans to develop AA and AAA games as part of their future business goals. The company, which has been in operation for over a decade, has participated in developing over 300 games in various capacities, most notably the Valthirian Arc series and Code Atma. Agate has also partnered with over 150 other companies and recorded a significant revenue increase of 158% YoY in 2022.

Agate’s CEO, Shieny Aprilia, expressed her excitement at participating in developing internationally recognized games, stating that the company and its talent capability are ready to meet industry requirements and work with global gaming industry leaders. Agate offers a range of full and partial game development services as part of their new service line, including art, porting, and publishing services.

Shieny Aprilia (CEO Agate)

With Agate’s expertise and experience in game development, their plan to develop AA and AAA games is a significant move expected to impact the gaming industry in Indonesia and beyond positively. It is worth noting that Indonesia’s gaming industry is fast-growing, with a 2022 market value of $2.2 billion and projected growth of 10.5% over the next five years.

Some questions that may arise from this announcement include:

  • What criteria will Agate use to determine the games they develop, and which game developers will partner with to achieve their goals?
  • With the increasing competition in the gaming industry, how will Agate differentiate their games from those of other companies and ensure they meet global standards?
  • How will Agate’s plan to develop AA and AAA games align with their newly proclaimed focus on Web 3.0 and the so-called Metaverse?

Overall, Agate‘s plans are a significant step towards enhancing Indonesia’s gaming industry’s reputation and further cementing the country’s position as a significant player in the global gaming industry.

Andreas Betsche

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