October 9, 2023

Nissie Arcega

IGDX 2023 Highlights 27 Academy Mentees

October 9, 2023 | Nissie Arcega

As the upcoming Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) draws close, the local industry is gearing up to showcase its signature brand of game dev excellence. They have proven time and time again that they’re a strong competitor on the global market, and it hopes to sustain this momentum with another iteration of its IGDX Academy, the most significant game development mentorship program in Indonesia.

This initiative is backed by several local and international mentors who believe that the program can accelerate all types of studios in Indonesia. Mentor Cipto Adiguno, interim CEO of Agate, joined the roster of esteemed mentors to support junior developers’ growth and bridge the knowledge gap between industry experts and both newcomer and burgeoning studios. A healthy flow of skills and knowledge among industry players signals a sustainable ecosystem, positioning the Academy as an imperative program in conjunction with IGDX.

Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX): 27 mentees joining the IGDX Academy.

Aside from honing mentees’ craft and technical skills, part of the 6-month program is exposure to industry conferences to help them practice their business skills, hoping to secure a publisher or service deal at IGDX. You’ll be able to catch the 27 studios at the event if you’d like to hear more about the game projects they’ve incubated with the Academy!

Meet Some of the Exciting Studios Part of the IGDX Academy 2023

I NEED SPACE by Khayalan Arts

A cozy space exploration with a deep atmosphere, story branches & mechanics, set during a Celestial Pandemic. Play with physics, explore the galaxy, and nurture your home planets.

My Lovely Empress by GameChanger Studio and Neon Doctrine

An empire management sim inspired by Asian mythology. As the Emperor of the Crimson Empire, build relations with neighboring rulers, balance internal factions, and ensure the prosperity of your people, all before you reap their souls to resurrect your beloved empress.

Montabi by Mankibo

An RPG monster-raising simulation game with sports-flavored Monster Duels and evolution discovery. Play as an athlete tamer to recruit, raise, and train unique monsters in your garage. Make critical decisions and explore diverse evolution paths. Battle your way to the top and become the world champion professional tamer in the exhilarating sport of Monster Duel.

StellaGale by Extra Life Entertainment

A hand-drawn hack-n-slash adventure where you help siblings Stella and Gale fight in the Colosseum to dig deeper into the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of their parents.

Find Out More about Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX)

Find out more about the IGDX Academy and get your tickets to IGDX (October 11-13) on the official website.

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