November 14, 2023

Virtual SEA

Coral Island

November 14, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Pokyo and start a new chapter of your life on Coral Island. You have the freedom to create the farm of your dreams where you will grow crops, raise animals, and connect with nature. You can also help to rejuvenate the nearby town and coral reefs and build relationships with the friendly community of over 70 people who call Coral Island their home. Explore, decorate, craft, farm, and relax – the future of Coral Island is up to you.

Coral Island places a strong emphasis on ocean conservation and encourages players to think about their role in protecting our oceans. During the Early Access phase, Humble Games and Stairway Games partnered with Coral Guardian to promote the game’s impact through the ‘Ocean Guardian’ and ‘Ocean Explorer’ Charity DLC Packs. These packs raised a total of $87,500 for Coral Guardian. Players who purchased the limited-time Charity DLC packs were able to access exclusive in-game cosmetic items and contribute to environmental stewardship and ocean conservation efforts. All proceeds from each sale benefited Coral Guardian.

Virtual SEA

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