Cat Quest III Preview: First Impression of the Long-Awaited Sequel

We had the opportunity to play a preview version of Cat Quest III, and we’re excited to share our impressions. Cat Quest III’s game world looks better than ever. Developed by the Singaporean studio The Gentlebros, Cat Quest III is the third instalment in a series of action RPGs featuring cartoonish cats, strongly emphasising exploration […]

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Cat Quest III Release

Cat Quest III Release Date Revealed

During the recent Nintendo Indie Showcase, Singaporean studio The Gentlebros announced the release date for Cat Quest III, the furry and action-packed 2.5D open-world RPG sequel to the beloved series. The game’s setting is in the Purribean, a colourful world inhabited by pirate cats, packed with treasures, and grim enemies. Similar to the previous entries […]

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Cat Quest is a light-hearted and almost purrfect little catventure

Cat Quest could easily be mistaken as a standard casual game at first. Its game mechanics are simple, and the story isn’t very deep. Yet, it achieves to bridge the gap between casual and hardcore RPGs in a very satisfying way through challenging fights, a motivating leveling system and charming characters. Drawing inspiration from older Zelda titles and the aforementioned Skyrim, it delivers an entertaining little adventure that will keep you busy for a few hours and make you laugh a lot along the way.

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