April 24, 2023

Virtual SEA

Roguematch: The Extraplanar Invasion

April 24, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Roguematch is a turn-based, Roguelike RPG game with a Match-3 grid layout. The game takes place in a castle overrun by creatures from the elemental planes of fire, air, earth, and water realms. Players must defeat enemies and deactivate magical alarm systems while avoiding elemental hazards. The game features six unique characters, over 100 spells and items, and 20+ bosses from the elemental realms. Players can control the raw magic in the castle by using a Mana Match 3 system that offers six unique matching powers. Players can also command the elemental environment to suit the situation. The game has a story that starts as a simple fetch quest between three friends that quickly goes wrong.

Virtual SEA

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