December 12, 2023

Virtual SEA


December 12, 2023 | Virtual SEA

PROJECT;HYPATIOS is a first-person shooter game that takes inspiration from Portal. The game’s protagonist, Aldrich, has been cursed with the ability to time-loop and must escape from the Mobius Corps’ Hypatios Lab by fighting his way through various chambers. Aldrich is an Ionis, which is a hybrid super-powered biological mechanical lifeform, and he has been specially designated as an Ionis with the unique ability to time-loop. As he tries to escape, Aldrich encounters a terrorist organization called Heer Etres Vivants, whose aim is to protect the sanctity of carbon-based lifeforms in the empire and reject the rise of Ionis as the inevitable future master race.As the game progresses, Aldrich is revealed to be a Timekeeper, an individual who brings forbidden knowledge from the future to upset the temporality of the universe. To escape the lab, Aldrich must defeat Theratios, an Ionis who is the protector of Hypatios Lab. He must utilize crafting workstations, explore the lab, manage resources, and strategize every run with the ultimate goal of achieving freedom.

Virtual SEA

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