December 9, 2021

Virtual SEA

Nam Đế: Phục Hưng Đại Nghiệp

December 9, 2021 | Virtual SEA

During the Ngo dynasty’s decline, a group of martial arts brothers attempted to seize power, causing war and suffering for the people of Dai Viet. However, a descendant of the Ngo family emerged and successfully became the ruler, reviving the Ngo dynasty. In the real-time strategy game Nam Đế: Phục Hưng Đại Nghiệp, you’ll take on the role of a general and lead brave generals and strategic writers to rebuild your base and fight to regain control. Based on the twelve insurgents in the history of Dai Viet hero, Nam Đế: Phục Hưng Đại Nghiệp offers a completely unique strategic gameplay experience. As you build your army and engage in battles with players from around the world, you’ll have the opportunity to grow and develop your skills as a leader.

Virtual SEA

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