March 8, 2024

Virtual SEA

Movie Cinema Simulator

March 8, 2024 | Virtual SEA

Sell tickets to customers that want to watch movies in your cinema!

Manage your own cinema in this first-person simulation game!

Defend your Cinema from Thugs and Troublemakers!

Movie Cinema Simulator is an exciting game that offers players numerous features to enjoy. The game allows players to collect 20 or more movies to show in their cinema, decorate their cinema in their own style, and upgrade the cinema to welcome more customers. Players can increase their cinema’s rating to attract special customers and kick out troublesome individuals who bother their cinema. Additionally, players can explore the big and mysterious city, decorate their house to make it as beautiful as possible, and play mini-games to earn special rewards. They can also recruit employees to help serve customers and enjoy first-person gameplay with lots of surprises to make their experience fun and exciting. Completing achievements earns numerous rewards. Players can follow the main story to return their grandfather’s cinema back to its glory days and complete side quests to get to know the town’s citizens. The game is offline, so players don’t need an internet connection to play.

Virtual SEA

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