February 2, 2024

Virtual SEA

Legendary Hoplite

February 2, 2024 | Virtual SEA

Legendary Hoplite is a thrilling combination of Tower Defense and Action RPG genres. In this game, you will have to slay monsters, hunt weapons, upgrade your armies, and defend your base to prevent humanity from extinction against the threat of Greek Mythology monsters and ancient tribes. As the player, you will assume the role of a young captain named Dio, who must face hordes of monsters that are attacking the gates of his hometown. Fortunately, Dio is not alone in his fight against evil forces. He has a garrison of warriors and advisors at his disposal. To protect Ithaca from enemies, you must equip your hero with the best gear, combine skills, and defend your base against the beasts and mythical tribes from Greek Mythology. During battles, Dio must lead his army and think of the right strategies to face various enemies. The weapons you acquire have deadly power, and artefacts blessed by gods can be collected by killing the most vicious monsters. Make your own build with a combination of skills and become a powerful opponent for your enemies. Odysseus, king of Ithaca, became a legend because of his trick with the Trojan horse. After returning from Troy, Odysseus regained the throne of Ithaca, but the time of peace did not last long. An unexpected event occurred that led to Odysseus’s death by his own bastard. Before he died, Odysseus broke a secret oath, leading hordes of monsters to the gates of Ithaca. Now, it’s your turn to lead the defence of Ithaca and prevent the monsters from crossing the gate. Are you ready, commander?

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