November 17, 2023

Virtual SEA

Kodama Battles

November 17, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Kodama Battles is an enjoyable solo auto battler/autochess game featuring a roguelite deckbuilder aspect, set in a peaceful environment.

To build a powerful team, gather, place, and enhance Kodamas. Kodamas have three levels (1, 2, and 3 Stars), and some have a final level that allows them to fuse with another Kodama to create a Mega Kodama.

Each battle has two teams: an attack squad and a defence squad. Careful team management is necessary to attack effectively while maintaining enough defences to survive.

Most Kodamas have a simple yet impactful ability, while Mega Kodamas have game-changing skills. Numerous synergies and counters arise from these abilities, allowing experimentation with new playstyles.

Upon completing a run, players can unlock new difficulties that increase the game’s challenge. Meticulous team management and positioning are required to overcome greater difficulties.

Paths are chosen during gameplay customisation, adding options such as modifying drop rates and enhancing positioning, leading to a unique build each run.

The calm of the lunar-illuminated forest provides a relaxing setting to strategise peacefully.

Virtual SEA

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