May 25, 2023

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Hello Goodboy

May 25, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Hello Goodboy is an enchanting adventure game that follows the journey of a lost soul and his dog through the afterlife. The main character, Iko, is a boy who finds himself in the afterlife without any recollection of how he got there. He teams up with Coco, a dog who seems strangely familiar, and together they embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of this new realm.

As they explore the afterlife, Iko and Coco encounter various other souls who are also on their own unique adventures. By performing kind deeds for these fellow souls, Iko hopes to uncover the reason behind his own presence in this realm. However, time is limited, adding a sense of urgency to their mission.

The game creates a fairy tale-like atmosphere and delivers a heartwarming story as Iko and Coco navigate the afterlife. Along the way, they collect bundles of joy and solve puzzles to progress. Additionally, players can indulge in the delightful task of giving endless belly rubs to Coco, ensuring his happiness throughout the journey.

Throughout their travels, Iko and Coco befriend numerous characters, including a lonely child, an anxious couple, and an overworked lumberjack, among others. Each character has their own story and tasks that Iko can assist them with. By helping these characters, players can forge meaningful connections and enjoy shared moments of relaxation and comfort.

However, the limited time in the game means that players must choose how to allocate their time wisely. Some interactions may prevent them from forming relationships with other characters, and these choices will impact the multiple endings available in Iko’s story.

Coco, the loyal and cherished companion, plays a crucial role in the journey. His acute sense of smell and Iko’s fixing skills are instrumental in uncovering the metaphysical mysteries scattered throughout the afterlife. Taking care of Coco’s needs, such as giving belly rubs and playing with toys, ensures that his “Goodboy-o-meter” remains fulfilled.

Overall, Hello Goodboy offers players a heartwarming and whimsical adventure as they guide Iko and Coco through the afterlife, forge connections with other souls, and uncover the secrets that brought them to this mystical realm.

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