February 29, 2024

Virtual SEA


February 29, 2024 | Virtual SEA

Gluua is a multiplayer horror game that can be played by one to four people from a first-person perspective. Players can take on the role of a spirit liberator and select missions according to their preferred level of challenge or readiness. Each mission will feature unique stories, and players must uncover the truth behind each location. However, players will also face supernatural entities that will pursue, intimidate, and harm them, requiring them to find ways to survive.

Players take on the role of a detective about horror stories and strange things that happen in that place. In each location, on each mission, players will be immersed in the atmosphere and chased by the threat of the supernatural. The goal is to solve the case and defeat the evil in the locality.

  • Players can customize the equipment to their own preferences to enhance their abilities and enhance their playstyle. Being prepared is important, so you need to constantly check yourself and your friends how prepared you are for the chosen mission.
  • Various missions and stories are ready for you to experience. Every place has a story, but it’s up to you to decide what kind of story it takes.
  • Gives players the freedom to explore and decide on missions. You can choose how much is enough or finish the mission at any time according to your ability.

Virtual SEA

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