June 18, 2023

Virtual SEA

Farm Keeper

June 18, 2023 | Virtual SEA

This is a farming game that relies on tiles and success is achieved by maximizing yields to survive the rent. Additionally, the game involves expanding your farm by making random tile choices.

Conquer the Rent with Maximum Yield
Optimize your farm’s yield to overcome the rent. Plan and cultivate your crops, tend to your livestock, and reap profits to outwit the landlord.

Play with Tile Combinations
Learn how tiles affect each other. Discover the perfect arrangement that yields exceptional results, fine-tuning your strategy for a flourishing farm.

Expand and Adapt with Random Tiles
Get unpredictable random tile choices as you expand your farm. Each new tile offers an opportunity to shift your strategy.

Challenges and Secrets Await
Completing challenges and unlocking secret tiles. Each achievement unveils a new way to play.


  • Playtime per session: 15-45 minutes (difficulty-dependent)
  • Total playtime: 5-9 hours

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