February 9, 2023

Virtual SEA


February 9, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Demon Dark I Yodnamkang2 is a third-person fighting game set in a world where demons from the past seek to return to the human world to bring about destruction and death. A long time ago, a fierce battle was fought between the brave army from the Land of the Eternal Continent and the evil kingdom, resulting in the death of the ruler of the evil kingdom and the disappearance of the evil army. However, after a long time, the evil spirits have reawakened and have found a way back to the human world through the accidental discovery of the Gate of Hell. The player controls a character who uses hand-to-hand combat, archery, and magic to battle evil spirits and demons. The game features fast-paced two-handed sword fighting and the ability to summon spirits to help in the fight. The objective is to protect the human world and send the demons back to hell.

Virtual SEA

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