April 7, 2023

Virtual SEA

Battle of Guardians

April 7, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Battle of Guardians is an online multiplayer game where players engage in PVP, PVE, and Fighting Tournaments. The game is set in a multidimensional world where players can choose to play as one of three races: Guardians, Humans, or Demons. Each race has different attributes, such as Health Points, Damage, and Intelligence, which affect their gameplay. The game features Tournament Mode, PVP Mode, and Story & Training Mode, with 10 stages of increasing difficulty. The game also offers three tiers with different features: Elite Fighter, Legendary Warrior, and God of War. Players can increase their level and learn basic and complex techniques through PVE battles. To succeed in the game, players need to master their character’s abilities, movement combinations, and combos.

Virtual SEA

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