July 19, 2023

Virtual SEA

Around Us: Zombie Shooter

July 19, 2023 | Virtual SEA

Around Us: Zombie Shooter is a multiplayer cooperative zombie shooting game. There are various kinds of zombies and bosses. Your goal is to survive through waves of zombies. Get upgraded and go to the highest wave that no one ever reaches! …. and you will see why amount matters….

You can play together upto 6 players with combination of local and online multiplayer. 1 keyboard can play 2 players, connect game controller to add more, let other online player join to add more. You, your partner and your online friends can now play together! Isn’t that awesome?

Satisfy experience of popping zombies using weapons that unlock along your journey. Each weapon is unique, and you! Yes, you. You also unique, find your right ones. I’m sure you’ll love them.

There’ll be more and more zombies every wave. And you will unlock new weapon almost every wave. Do you think that’s enough?.. Of course, we have upgrade system. You’ll get a new random upgrade every end of the wave. Find your crazy and cheating build. It’s time for HERO!

Our goal is to make the game that you, your family members and friends can play together with no limit. You can use what ever device you like to play, spent the day together fighting over 100 waves of zombies.

Virtual SEA

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