September 19, 2019

Andreas Betsche

Retrogade Arena

September 19, 2019 | Andreas Betsche

Retrograde Arena is a physics-based twin-stick shooter with a stylish neon-retro look. The clue of this competitive multiplayer experience is that it’s not the weapons that kill but the hazardous environments. Much more than going for frags players must learn to master their weapons recoil to win the game.

Retrograde Arena will be out 29 May 2020 on Steam (Early Access).

We did a first look review in 2019 that you can find here:

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Andreas Betsche

Andreas Betsche founded Virtual SEA in early 2016 after researching Cambodian mobile games for his Master’s thesis. He has a background in Southeast Asia studies and has worked and lived in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Since he has been actively playing games since the early 90s, combing both worlds in Virtual SEA brought together both of his passions.

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