February 12, 2016

Andreas Betsche

Welcome to Virtualsea.

February 12, 2016 | Andreas Betsche

Wait … video games from Southeast Asia? Does this even exist? If this is what you think when you found this page, then this is exactly the page for you. If you didn’t, then you should stay nonetheless because of reasons and because you might be interested in the cultural studies of video games. This blog is about video games from Southeast Asia. I’m doing a master’s thesis about that and this blog is my companion. I will post about games I found and present them to you. In addition, I might publish some parts of the interviews I conducted with the game developers. This is a very amateurish page (also I’m late to the party) so expectations should be sky high of course! I try to post as many times as I can but can’t promise anything. As always feel free to leave some comments, criticism or just some spam. Let me know if you have some games from SEA that you’d like to have covered in this blog! So far enjoy 🙂


PS: You have no idea about Southeast  Asia? Some answers can be found on Wikipedia .

This is what a map of SEA would look like in an oldschool video game…

Andreas Betsche

Andreas Betsche founded Virtual SEA in early 2016 after researching Cambodian mobile games for his Master’s thesis. He has a background in Southeast Asia studies and has worked and lived in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Since he has been actively playing games since the early 90s, combing both worlds in Virtual SEA brought together both of his passions.

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