Banner for a Steam announcement of puzzle platformer Kejora.

Puzzle Platformer Kejora from Indonesia Looks Simply Stunning

In the world of gaming, we rarely come across a title that truly pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. However, the upcoming release of Kejora, a hand-drawn animated puzzle platformer, promises an exceptional and visually stunning experience. Developed by the Indonesian Studio Berangin Creative, this long-awaited game has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts with […]

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Zombie Soup’s Steam Early Access Release Date Revealed

Game publisher Astrolabe Games announced the upcoming release of Zombie Soup, developed by Aeonsparx Interactive from Malaysia. This game is set to debut on Steam Early Access on June 7, 2023, and will offer a fascinating gameplay experience by integrating twin-stick shooting, puzzle-solving, and hack-and-slash action into a surreal “Día de los Muertos”-inspired 80s setting. […]

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Hello Goodboy Adventure Game Review

Barking Up the Right Tree: Hello Goodboy Set to Woof Its Way into Steam Next Fest

Join Iko on a journey through the afterlife in the latest game from Glory Jam, “Hello Goodboy”. This wholesome and heartwarming adventure will have you solving puzzles, meeting fellow souls, and uncovering the mysteries of the afterlife. With the help of Coco, a strangely familiar dog, Iko must navigate his way through unknown yet familiar places. Get ready for a journey that will warm your heart and challenge your mind. Read our full review to find out more!

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