Hiker Games makes a second attempt to release a Vietnamese Call of Duty

Does anyone remember 7554? No, this is not the PIN for our company credit card, but the date of one of the most important events in Vietnam’s recent history; the Battle of Diên Biên Phu. With the subtitle “Glorious Memories Revived”, 7554 is also the title of the first game (2011) by Emobi Games from Vietnam. The Call of Duty-style 3D shooter was supposed to present a lesser-known chapter in the history of Vietnam to a broad world audience and at the same time emphasised PC game development in Vietnam. That didn’t work out as intended: Despite good approaches, 7554 was flawed technically and gameplay-wise and is widely considered a failure. Almost ten years after the release, the developers (now Hiker Games) want to try it again, returning with the announcement of another shooter game from a Vietnamese perspective, including a crowdfunding campaign. The name, however, is no less cryptic this time either: 300475.

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