Fly high or dive low in Heli-Cats, the latest 2D arcade shooter from DrearyWeary. With dual-elevation gameplay, multiple endings, and in-game credits, get ready for a thrilling and unique gaming experience. Try it now!

Heli-Cats: A Fresh Take on the Classic 2D Helicopter Game

“Singapore-based developer DrearyWeary has announced their latest game, Heli-Cats, a 2D arcade shooter that offers a fresh take on the classic helicopter game. With a unique dual-elevation mechanic, players must strategize and switch between high and low elevations to avoid enemy fire. The game features two initial helicopters, eight arcade stages, and multiple endings based on player performance and secrets uncovered. Heli-Cats also includes an in-game credits system to unlock new modes, upgrades, and customization options. Get ready for a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience in Heli-Cats.

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