Zombie Soup’s Steam Early Access Release Date Revealed

Game publisher Astrolabe Games announced the upcoming release of Zombie Soup, developed by Aeonsparx Interactive from Malaysia. This game is set to debut on Steam Early Access on June 7, 2023, and will offer a fascinating gameplay experience by integrating twin-stick shooting, puzzle-solving, and hack-and-slash action into a surreal “Día de los Muertos”-inspired 80s setting. […]

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Get ready for a heart-pumping experience with Project Unseek, a 2v6 asymmetric online multiplayer hide and seek game set in the 80s. The new trailer announces the demo release date during Steam Next Fest. Join the Humans or Creatures, each with unique skills, in a thrilling game developed by an Indonesian game studio.

Project Unseek Trailer Reveals Demo Release Date

Project Unseek, the highly anticipated horror-themed multiplayer game, has just released a new trailer announcing the release date of the game’s demo. The demo will be available during Steam Next Fest, a digital gaming festival organized by the popular game platform, Steam.

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