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Singaporean game studio Springloaded is the winner of 2017 Indie Pitch Arena at GMGC Manila

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Our Darkest Night – Don’t Let the Killer Get You (Early Access)

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Legrand Legacy wants to revive memories of the glorious past of JRPGs

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Guest Review: Of corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice – become the president in “Political Animals”

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Microphone-enabled horror game ‘Stifled’ – Can they hear you scream in the dark?

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‘Sky Garden: Farm In Paradise’ is a time waster but I can’t stop playing it

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Jermania, Indonesian Game Development and the Developer’s Dreams: Interview with Nightspade from Indonesia

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Enter the haunted mansion in ‘The Letter’

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Voyeuristic phone simulator ‘Sara Is Missing’ wants us to feel awkward

Lunar Eclipse Kickstarter
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Lunar Eclipse: Virtual Reality horror from Singapore

Masquerada Title
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Welcome to the city of Ombre! Review of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

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More highlights from Southeast Asia on Steam Greenlight

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Guest Review: Big trouble for Tiny Guardians

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Steam Greenlight: Some highlights from Southeast Asia

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than a story about friendship and ‘Wanda – A beautiful Apocalypse’ does its best at breaking our hearts

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Gamestourism: Visiting SEA in video games Part 1

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