Try These Games from SEAsia for Free at Steam Next Fest

We have hardly wrapped up the prelude to the Summer Game Fest when the next event is just around the corner! The Steam Next Fest is retaking place on the Steam marketplace for digital games. A seven-day event that focuses on small but exciting indie games.

In addition to the many live streams and talks with the developers, players worldwide are looking forward to exclusively playable demo versions of upcoming games. Hundreds of demos will be available to download and play for free on Steam from June 13-20, 2022.

But watch out! Most of these versions will disappear after the event.

Of course, many studios from Southeast Asia are again participating in the event. We have put together the most exciting demos for you here, so you don’t lose track. Be ready to hit the download buttons!

Game: Kabaret

Made by: Persona Theory Games (Malaysia)

Genre: Visual Novel / Adventure

Game: DreadHaunt

Made by: Digital Happiness (Indonesia)

Genre: Asymmetric Horror Multiplayer

Game: Potion Permit

Made by: MassHive Media (Indonesia)

Genre: Life Sim / RPG

Game: Sigil of the Magi

Made by: Yongjustyong (Singapore)

Genre: Deck-building Roguelite

Game: Faerie Afterlight

Made by: Clay Game Studio (Indonesia)

Genre: Platformer / Metroidvania


Made by: Napas Torteeka (Thailand)

Genre: Casual / Puzzle / Action

Game: Immortal Tactics: War of the Eternals

Made by: Kenisoft Game Studio (Philippines)

Genre: Roguelite / Turn-Based / Strategy

Game: Rogue AI Simulator

Made by: Nerdook Productions (Malaysia)

Genre: Simulation / Strategy / Survival

Game: Whiskered Away

Made by: Joure Visser (Singapore)

Genre: Platformer

Game: Hello Goodboy

Made by: Rolling Glory Jam (Indonesia)

Genre: Adventure

Game: Saint Maker

Made by: Yangyang Mobile (Philippines)

Genre: Horror / Visual Novel

Game: Three Mazeketeers

Made by: Dragon Emperors (Indonesia)

Genre: Puzzle / Adventure

Game: Beautiful Mystic Survivors

Made by: Archmage Games Studio (Vietnam)

Genre: Roguelite / Bullet Hell

Did we miss a game demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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