Cute, Cuddly, Clever: Malaysia’s Pingo Adventure Features a Fun and Bouncy Exploration Experience

No one has ever said no to a physics-based platformer – especially when it features a protagonist as cute as Pingo! Malaysia’s answer to Captain Toad adapts a simple yet effective form that invites you to explore and touch the responsive game world.

Dubbed “Orange Kirby,” the intrepid explorer and puzzle-solver Pingo is sure to capture the hearts of platformer lovers of all ages.

Pingo Adventure is a new indie 3D platformer by solo game developer Orb Square Studio from Malaysia. Inspired by the engaging adventures of Captain Toad in the Super Mario spin-off series, the fun Nintendo vibes from this title will surely attract both nostalgic gamers and casual newcomers alike.

Its main gameplay features include:

  • Physics-based platforming: explore an interactive world and its head-scratching environmental puzzles – plus have fun watching everything you touch bounce around!
  • Engaging mini-games: see the world from a different view with replayable mini-games you encounter across your playthrough.
  • Character outfits and camera mode: show off your unique version of Pingo with unlockable costumes, captured in funny and memorable situations in the beautiful overworld with the built-in camera world!

Pingo Adventure is in its early development stage, with a closed playtest scheduled sometime in October/November 2022.
If you want to learn more about this upcoming adorable adventure, check out the game’s Steam and Itch pages!

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