Follow the Light in the Eccentric and Ethereal Indonesian Platformer “Faerie Afterlight”

Indonesian developers Clay Game Studio kick off their Steam portfolio with the platformer Faerie Afterlight. Together with the San Francisco and Tokyo-based publisher Mastiff, they will bring Lumina’s weird and wonderful world to life this coming Summer 2022.

Players will explore in the shoes of Kimo and Wispy, an unlikely duo on a mission to collect beams of light that will fend off the impending doom of their home as they know it. Featuring a beautiful story with heartfelt moments, Faerie Afterlight is set to be an immersive experience in a strange but endearing land.

The Metroidvania genre has its fair share of hardcore fans looking for new experiences, and Faerie Afterlight looks to fill in that need with whimsical graphics and tight platforming controls.

Other key features include:

  • Play as Wispy to move walls and platforms for your progress
  • Play as Kimo to jump and dash and defeat enemies
  • Choose how to deal with strangers you meet on your journey
  • Discover secrets abound in every nook and cranny of Lumina

We’re excited for the Indonesian startup’s first Steam game to give an unforgettable fantasy platformer experience. You can get updates about the game from Clay Game Studios’ socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and wishlist the game on Steam.

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