Classic action RPG Anuchard comes out in April

The action RPG Anuchard, originally announced for the second quarter of the year, will now be released on April 21, 2022. Fans of classic RPG games should pay special attention to this title!

With Anuchard, the Indonesian development studio stellarNull wants to revive the spirit of the past SNES and PS1 era. The game’s designer, Rico Lemba, clearly cites the classics The Legend of Mana and especially the Soulblazer series from Quintet and Enix as inspiration for his game.

This inspiration becomes particularly evident in the story: The village of Orchard is haunted by strange events as the villagers’ souls disappear and become trapped in underground catacombs. As the Bellwielder, we are chosen to save the lost souls of our village community and bring its members back to life.

We have to fight and puzzle our way through dungeons to achieve this. Following the style of its role models, Anuchard relies on a fast real-time combat system, in which we have to use the knockback ability of our Audros Bell in particular. 

In addition to the dungeons, we are also encouraged to build connections with the villagers and brew ever more powerful potions using a crafting system.

It remains exciting to see whether stellarNull will succeed in merging all these elements into a functioning whole and whether the story and gameplay can build on the quality of the great genre classics. However, the game’s graphics, which come up with beautifully drawn panoramas, well-pixelated figures, and really nice animations, seem to be beyond all doubt.

If the developers manage to capture the spirit of its famous role models, then we have a real highlight for fans of classic action RPGs coming up. The shown screenshots and gameplay trailers look very promising already!

We’ll find out very soon when Anuchard is released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Game Store.

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