Indonesian Developers Put the “Play” in Wordplay with Grammarian Ltd.

Who says that learning proper grammar is boring? Algorocks (Startup Panic) and Simpleton (Paw Paw Paw, Loading Story) beg to differ in their newest edutainment adventure collaboration, Grammarian Ltd.

Having just released Startup Panic’s PC port on both Steam and GOG in January this year, Algorocks is already hard at work with their latest game. This time, they partnered with Simpleton studios to release their educational puzzle and management game on PC and mobile.

In the future of 2099, players step into the shoes of a Grammar Validator working to fulfill President Baroque Omaha’s war on wrong grammar. As part of the biggest grammar validation agency, your goal is to rise from the lowly “Junior Passable Intern” position to become the lofty “Editor Extraordinaire.”

Alongside prestigious promotions, you also get the chance to upgrade your home and transportation to make sure you keep up with the pressures of your important job!

The game is described to have similar documentation-based puzzles like Lucas Pope’s acclaimed Papers Please, with an educational twist.

80 chapters and over 800 documents will give players lots of fun moments and real grammar lessons at the same time.

The game was inspired by the lack of fun, high-quality games in the English language learning space.

​​“I’ve always struggled with grammar. So, I thought, there should be a game for this, right? I mean, with 750 million people learning English as a foreign or second language, you would expect there to be some exciting games to strengthen those skills. But most of the games I found were like chocolate-covered broccoli. Meaning that they offered a benefit, but they were certainly not appetizing.

Grammarian Ltd. is our attempt at making a new kind of treat with all the benefits of a traditional learning game. We want the player to feel the enjoyment of the game while at the same time learning grammar.”

Adib Toriq, CEO and Founder, Algorocks

Grammarian Ltd. is set to release on April 20, 2022, for PC on Steam and Mobile at the App Store and Play Store.

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