Malaysia’s Passion Republic drops not one, but two year-end surprises in GigaBash

Multiplayer arena brawler GigaBash is ending 2021 with a bang by dropping their PlayStation Store debut and a brand-new character – Kongkrete!

Kongkrete – a monster who is a literal building – takes “home court advantage” to a different level. A chameleon of the Gigabash roster, Kongkrete uses the element of surprise to take on his opponents in the arena.

Kongkrete’s skills don’t end at blending in with GigaBash’s detailed and destructible environments. It has a Giga Energy blast that scrambles enemy movement controls. Its Ultimate move is turning into a deadly skyscraper rocket that packs a lethal punch. Kongkrete introduces a crazy curveball way to play in the already frantic, high-energy arena.

GigaBash is a 4-player isometric fighting game featuring all kinds of kaiju and heroes. The arena brawler promises fast-paced chaos and a wide array of playstyles for competitive and casual players. The stages also react to the monster fights and players are treated to special post-death mechanics, making players stick around for stellar finishing moves.

Players are invited to the urban wasteland fighting ring very soon. Previously announced for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store, GigaBash is also rolling out on the PS4 and PS5. All platforms will unleash the game in early 2022.

You can now wishlist the hotly anticipated GigaBash on the PlayStation Store

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