Philippine Multiplayer Shooter Project Xandata Enters Open Beta

Project Xandata is a 3v3 first-person team shooter by Philippine studio Secret 6, focusing on fast gameplay and customization options. Visually, the shooter is reminiscent of Blizzard’s Overwatch, but in essence, it should play more like a classic skill shooter despite offering special skills and different classes.

Multiplayer servers will be open 24/7 from November 12 until November 28, 2021. There will be no data wipe, which means all the cosmetics and progress earned in Open Beta will be carried over when the game releases in Early Access.

Testers will have the chance to play Skirmish, Corruption, and the new Overcharge mode on four different maps. In Skirmish mode, the first team to reach a certain amount of points through eliminations wins. Corruption mode sounds more tactical as you have to collect shards dropped by the enemy or destroy their obelisk. So far, we don’t know anything about the third gameplay mode, but we have been informed that a training tutorial will be available for new players.

To play the beta, all you have to do is download it on Steam; no codes or registration required.

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