Virtual SEA News Update #3

Geez, a lot was going on in the gaming world of Southeast Asia this week! This time we have updates about award-winning games from Thailand, wake up three titles from hibernation, take you into hellish arcades and bring you up to date with the latest releases. 

Winner of the Thai Game Awards 2021

Every year, the Thai Game Software Industry Association celebrates outstanding titles from Thailand with their industry awards. This year, the big winner was indie studio Earthshine, which won four awards for its medieval city builder Kingdoms Reborn (Game of the Year, Best of Game Design, Best of Sound and Developer Choice Award). The title for Best of Visual Art went to the VR racing game Dash Dash World. Interestingly, an award for the best story was not given because there were no suitable candidates.

First Telomere Gameplay Revealed

Back from the dead – first take! There was no news on Telomere for a long time, but now a 5-minute video has been released showing the first gameplay scenes. The game by the Singaporean studio Springloaded is, according to its statements, a semi-autobiographical adventure in a retro pixel look that relies on branching storytelling. You can find out more about Telomere on Steam.

Sanuk Games Returns With New Rhythm Game

Back from the dead – second take! After the long-standing game studio Sanuk Games ceased operations in 2019, it returns with a trailer that confirms the development of a rhythm game called Drum Box for the Nintendo Switch. The game studio from Thailand has developed various games for multiple platforms, including Bombing Bastards and Pro Fishing Simulator. More detailed information on how the revival came about is currently not known.

Skull & Bones Now In Alpha Stage

Back from the dead – third take!! After speculating about the open-world pirate adventure Skull & Bones’ state last week, Ubisoft Singapore officially announced that the game is now in the alpha phase. However, there was no new image material or graphic gameplay scenes to be seen yet.

Skull Chainz & Hell Blasters Now On Steam

It’s getting hot as hell for fans of arcade games! You can now put two titles on your wishlist: the physics-based roguelite Skull Chainz, all about rotating skulls on chains (lol),  from the Singaporean developer Brandon Yu aka Chaoclypse, and the bullet hell shoot ’em up Hell Blasters from Indonesia’s PlayShift Games. Both games are scheduled to be released later this year.

New Release Dates for Soup Pot, Chinatown Detective Agency and ConnecTank

Last but not least, some updates on release dates. Both the Filipino cooking game Soup Pot and the Singaporean detective adventure Chinatown Detective Agency have been postponed to a later period in 2021. The developers said they would need more time to ensure the quality of their games. Furthermore, Chinatown Detective Agency is now in beta status. 

On the other hand, multiplayer action game ConnecTank by the Indonesian studio YummyYummyTummy has received a definite release date. According to publisher Natsume, the game will be released on September 28, 2021, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

New Releases

You can look up which games from Southeast Asia were released this month in our handy release overview.

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