Crazy Delivery Rumble Is A Fun Ride But Still A Bit Bumpy

Crazy Taxi meets the multiplayer battle mode of Mario Kart. That’s how you can describe the game experience of Crazy Delivery Rumble in just a few words. In small arenas, we try to get our passengers to their destination without being hindered by other players. Fast, chaotic, and pretty fun, this is what this Android game feels like already. And unfortunately still quite unfinished.

But first things first: Crazy Delivery Rumble is a mobile game by the Indonesian studio Satriver from Malang. Our task is to get passengers to their destination in a given time by using a taxi, a motorcycle (ojek), or a rickshaw (becak). Dangers lurk along the way, such as speeding delivery vans or our human opponents who want to transport as many guests as possible themselves. Similar to Mario Kart, we collect power-ups like rockets, mines, or boosters that can give us decisive advantages. 

The game is presented in pretty albeit not graphically demanding 3D and features touch controls typical for mobile devices. Like it or not: The developers have managed to transfer the strangely spongy driving experience of the Dreamcast original to the smartphone. This creates chaotic moments that are typically easy to learn but difficult to master.

The game principle works amazingly well in practice and is even really fun in its best moments. A quick round in between is always a good idea! At this point, however, it should be pointed out that Crazy Delivery Rumble is still in test mode (Early Access) because both the game’s technology and the scope are still unsatisfactory. In our test sessions, we were plagued by lost connections and lags, as well as numerous clipping and collision errors. In addition, numerous features are still missing, such as quests or the in-game shop. So far, we only have one arena available, as well as the three vehicles mentioned above including their drivers. These differ from each other at least not only visually, but all have slightly different driving characteristics.

All of this is not uncommon for an Early Access version, but Satriver Studio has already announced that it will provide additional levels, drivers and will fix errors and bugs. Players can use an in-game form to provide feedback that will be used in the further development of Crazy Delivery Rumble. The biggest problem is the currently still too small a player base, which makes it difficult to find partners for online matches. Since Crazy Delivery Rumble is already suitable for entertaining multiplayer games on the mobile phone, we can only encourage you to download the game for free from the Google Play Store if you don’t mind a few technical hick-ups.

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