Turn-based Mecha RPG Zecha Tactics Is Coming To Early Access Later This Year

There are game tropes that never get boring. This can easily be said about about Mechas, gigantic human-controlled combat robots. Originally borrowed from the Japanese manga and anime scene, Mechas have also become a popular theme for games of different genres. In the recent past, Thai developers in particular have spoiled us with action-heavy Mecha games (e.g. Project Nimbus, Dual Gear, MASS Builder). Developer Bit Egg now wants to offer a much more strategic flavor with Zecha Tactics.

Zecha Tactics is planned to become a tactical role-playing game in which we command our Mechas in turn-based battles. The game will focus on a single-player experience, telling a story about a conflict on an alien planet called Aldsan-Od. We explore the game world on board a mech carrier, talk to team members, research new technologies, and send our Mechas into battles for the planet’s heavily contested resources. War won’t always be the only option as a diplomacy system should also provide for allied factions. The developers point out that the customization of the Mechas and the carrier will play a unique role.

For the time being, we haven’t seen any real gameplay. However, the trailer and a screenshot give the impression that, despite the game’s tactical approach, action will not be neglected either. The – not yet final – 3D graphic certainly fulfills its purpose but no longer looks very up-to-date. We hope that a lot will happen in this regard before the release. If you want to get an impression of Zecha Tactics for yourself, you may be able to do so soon as Bit Egg announced that it will launch the game in an Early Access program this year. For the latest news, you can subscribe to a newsletter on the game’s official website.

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