MSOFT studio from Thailand reveals survival game Into the Haze

Being locked-up in a house and not being allowed to go out. Sounds strangely familiar, but this time it’s the premise of a new single-player survival game from Thailand, called Into the Haze.

As the player, we wake up on the top floor of an abandoned high-rise in a city that has become uninhabitable due to a fatal gas outbreak. As is typical for the survival genre, we fight zombies to survive, collect resources, and build better weapons. The goal is to survive until help arrives.

Into the Haze claims to be merciless because whoever dies once remains dead and has to start all over again. It takes the survival aspect seriously as in addition to zombies and gas, hunger and thirst will also be among the dangers we encounter in the 40-story building.

This all sounds very familiar to fans of the genre. MSOFT, therefore, announces the game’s scenario as a unique selling point and we are also excited to see what the developers will make of the sheer amount of floors. If there is enough variety, Into The Haze could actually become an interesting competitor to other survival games.

Into The Haze will initially start in Steam’s Early Access program in early 2021. In the beginning, there will already be 5 playable maps (floors?) as well as a working combat and crafting system. The full release is then planned for 2022. If you want, you can add Into the Haze to your Steam wishlist now.

The pretty 3D graphics of the game, which mix realism with a slight influence from graphic novels, can already be admired on some atmospheric screenshots.

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