Gamelan Hit Rindik: Playing Gamelan Made Easy in VR

If you have ever visited Indonesia, you will surely be familiar with Gamelan. For all the uninitiated: Gamelan is traditional Indonesian music, played by an ensemble of rhythm and flute instruments. Gamelan is considered to be one of the high art forms and is particularly challenging to learn.

Fortunately, developer Rapid Raid Games from Bali has set out to teach you the art of Gamelan, starting with the Rindik bamboo xylophone. The VR app Gamelan Hit Rindik will introduce you to the instrument with the help of a tutorial before you can practice to virtually hit the instrument with the “panggul” yourself.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how well the whole thing has been implemented since we do not have any of the required Oculus Rift VR goggles available. However, a developer video gives a good impression of the “game-lanplay”:

If the concept appeals to you, you can purchase Gamelan Hit Rindik in the Oculus Store. Write to us in the comments if you liked it! And if you do, you might be pleased to hear that Rapid Raid Games is already working on a successor called Ceng Ceng Bali Bali VR.

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