New Vietnamese horror game The Scourge (Tai Ương) announced with a trailer

Just in time for Halloween, Beaztek Studio has announced its horror game The Scourge (Tai Ương) with an atmospheric trailer. The game is based on a mythological urban legend from Vietnam and a mysterious bus accident, where four girls disappeared without a trace in the year 2000.

In the trailer, which supposedly shows the game’s current graphics in the Unity Engine, we move through a typical Vietnamese furnished apartment, while a melancholic song is playing on the radio in the background. A creepy encounter already reveals that we will probably be dealing with supernatural phenomena.

We don’t know much about Beaztek’s debut yet, except that the game is being developed for the PC. But we are already looking forward to another horror game from South East Asia that picks up on local myths and cultures. Whether this game from Vietnam can keep up with the top dogs from Thailand and Indonesia remains to be seen but this pretty trailer at least gives us hope!

3 thoughts on “New Vietnamese horror game The Scourge (Tai Ương) announced with a trailer

  1. Spooky trailer. The graphics are intriguing as well.

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