Earth Atlantis 2: Pixel Perfex announces sequel to their acclaimed underwater shooter

Three years after the release of side-scrolling shooter Earth Atlantis, Thai indie studio Pixel Perfex officially announced that they are now working on its successor. Earth Atlantis 2 continues the apocalyptic scenario in which most of the earth’s surface was flooded by a major climate catastrophe, mankind was wiped out and giant machine animals rule the oceans. Again we man our submarine to explore this inhospitable world and hunt down the monsters of the seas.

We don’t know much about Earth Atlantis 2 yet, but a first screenshot tells us that the developers want to adopt a new visual style. Unlike the sepia-colored sketches of the predecessor, we can now expect colorful and detailed pixel graphics. Not only does it look fantastic, but it will also hopefully fix the orientation problems that plagued the prequel.

It is currently unclear when Earth Atlantis 2 will be released and the developers have not yet revealed which hardware the game will run on. In any case, part one appeared for PC, Mac, and all consoles as well as iOS. We are curious to see whether Pixel Perfex can build on the success of its predecessor and again provide gripping and challenging underwater battles.

If you want to stay up to date on the development process, it might be a good idea to follow Pixel Perfex on Twitter or Facebook where the developers regularly publish updates, such as these stunning impressions of the numerous boss monsters in the game:

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