Quick Review: Nightstream

The distant future: An underground resistance force of so-called runners is fighting an evil mega corporation over control of the nightstream, a mysterious data stream that dominates the world.

Nightstream is in its core an endless runner game, as players take control of a runner who is surfing the stream on hoverboards (shouldn’t they be called hovers instead?). Various levels represent the stream’s tube-like architecture in which the runners must avoid traps, collect orbs and power-ups as well as fight enemies. The game is super-fast, so quick reflexes are necessary to reach the end of each level. Fair reset points and the ability to ride the tube in 180 degrees are helpful to that task.

It’s all about the flow: fast pace, pulsating soundtrack, easy controls: one tap for jumps and one swipe to switch sides. And the game looks beautiful on mobile: bright colors, crisp textures and a slick performance.

Nightstream is the ideal game for short waiting sessions: just one more level, another challenge. Unlike many other mobile games, it even has a story holding together the set pieces. Afterwards, players can collect a currency to unlock new boards or character models. Here, developer Streamline Games from Malaysia displays true greatness by implementing and designing a very diverse cast – there is even a playable hamster character!

The game is free to play with ads and micro-transactions – which all serve purely aesthetic purposes and can be unlocked with in-game currency as well.
Nightstream is available for mobile devices on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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